Why Tristan Assist?

When working as a top producing Realtor and team leader, our founder, Dave Fletcher, was dealing with more than a hundred emails every day. Realizing that the constant need to read and deal with every email that came in was creating an every waking moment work life, he set out to create a solution that would enhance work/life balance and allow him to focus on the activities that were most productive to his business.

Dave quickly realized that of the hundreds of emails that busy Realtors receive in a day, only a few required the actual Realtor to respond in real time, but they all required prompt action and responses. So instead of hiring another assistant to handle his email at $30,000/year or more, Dave set about building Tristan Assist: a highly leveraged solution which would allow highly trained specialists at extremely low cost, and 24/7/365 always on availability.

By offloading having to deal with every single email, our clients obtain better work/life balance. They are able to set time to be uninterrupted while being productive in serving clients or driving for new business. They free their mental bandwith by only dealing with those emails they want to deal with.

Tristan Assist is designed to change your relationship with your email for the better. Let’s get started.

Is this an automated reply system?

No! Real people review, treat and answer your emails just as an executive assistant sitting in your office would for you. After all, no business has ever been done computer to computer. We are focused not just on responding to emails, but on moving the business conversation forward, and where possible, to completion.

What if there are certain emails or emailers that I don’t want you to see?

No problem! You can designate certain senders or certain keywords that our email handling professionals will never see.

What if I have an assistant that handles my email for me?

You are definitely paying him or her way more than this service costs. What a great opportunity to find a higher and better use for his or her time!

Will I still keep getting emails appearing on my phone?

You decide what you see and what you don’t see. Only the emails that you really want to receive and deal with will come to your phone. For everything else, when Tristan is turned on, your phone’s binging will stop.

What if I’m waiting for an important email, or am in the middle of an email conversation?

By setting up our easy to use filters, you can make sure that an email conversation that you’re in the middle of comes directly to you. Define those emails or email senders that are important and need to reach you ASAP, and that’s exactly what will happen.

Receiving and responding to emails is one of my favorite things to do.

We totally understand. We are a company built by real estate agents for real estate agents. Some of our clients have our system turned on virtually all the time. Others, just when they leave the office for a meeting or to go home for the day, and some of our clients just use the system on those few nights or weekends where they just want their phone to leave them alone for a few hours. That ability to have peace when you want it is definitely worth just $199 per month. You keep control. Tristan works for you when you want it to.

How do you know when to book appointments in my calendar?

You set your daily availability. By telling our system what times you’re available to take appointments, we scan the calendar that you keep up to date through your email and/or phone and offer clients and new prospects appointment times that don’t conflict and are during your available hours.

You can set a different availability for every day of the week and you can update your availability any time.

I don't just take meetings with anyone. How will you make sure not to set up appointments with time wasters?

As a company built by a former top producing real estate agent, our fully trained real estate assistants know the importance of qualifying a lead. We use industry leading qualification scripts that you can customize or add to to make sure that you’re meeting with the clients and prospects that you want to be meeting with.

What happens when I go on vacation?

We’ve built that functionality right in. If you have someone looking after your business and clients while you’re away and they’re another Tristan Assist user, we link your email and your rules right into their profile and will set up appointments using their calendar and availability and they’ll receive information and alerts in the same way you would.

If the person helping you out is not a Tristan user (they should be), we can still forward anything important or pressing right along to the email address you specify.

If, on the other hand, you’re going to still look after your clients while away on vacation, you can leave us instructions on when and how you’ll do that and we’ll let your clients and prospects know what to expect.

The idea of handing over control of my email seems weird to me.

We know the importance for a successful Realtor to remain in control of their business at all times. That’s why we’ve built in tools and functions that let you customize what your Tristan Assist assistant sees, how they treat what they receive on your behalf, and the kind of language they use to speak to your clients.

At the end of the day, it is a common practice for successful Realtors to hand over qualified buyer prospects to buyer agents, to hand over closing duties to closing assistants, and to allow outside marketing companies to control the public face and message of the Realtor, all of which often with less control and oversight than we offer each of our clients. This is simply a new way of delegating to allow you more productive time or more down time.

Is there a contract to sign?

No the service is month to month and you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer discounts for teams?

For teams of three or more, we are happy to offer a discount. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Your website says five hours. I don’t spend five hours on email.

Lucky you! We would guess though that you spend more time on email than you think. Whether it’s putting an email off and going back and re-reading it six times, or getting distracted while putting that email off and heading over to Facebook to check out the latest recipes that your friends have posted or cat videos on YouTube, or if it’s trying to sneak a peek at an email at the dinner table or during family movie night, when you add it all up, it’s a lot!

When will it start working?

We are launching in August 2018.

This seems too good to be true.

I know! Sign up because life is about to change in a big way!

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