Reclaim Your Time Tristan Assist is your always on, always professional, executive assistant. Reclaim up to five hours a day by letting Tristan handle your email better than you do.

Sell Smarter

Focus on driving results. Let our professionals sort, qualify and handle your email.

Don’t be frustrated by hundreds of inbound emails. Tristan Assist makes sure that emails are not only acknowledged, they are actioned, qualified and resolved as well. We provide real estate agents a level of freedom that many think is only a myth.

What is Tristan Assist?

To put it simply, it is your virtual executive assistant! It handles the tons of emails that you receive every day and processes them on your behalf. Successful real estate agents are busy prospecting, in client meetings, performing open houses, traveling or selling homes; not to mention marketing, bookkeeping, managing, and performing PR and administration related activities. We allow our clients to delegate one of the most taxing, time consuming elements of our day-to-day work lives.

Only deal with the emails that you identify as needing your priority attention. Free yourself to be more productive, enjoy your downtime, and maximize the capability of your administration budget.

  • Reclaim Your Time

    Focus your work time on being more productive. Our professionals will keep you up to date on the email info that you want to know about in real time.
  • Be the Best at Email Response

    Our professionals use industry leading scripts or your own words to answer your inbound email in ten minutes or less, 24/7.
  • Avoid Burnout

    Let your downtime be funtime. When you go home for the night, put your phone down knowing that inbound emails are being handled in the way that you want them handled. Your phone will only go off for those emails that you’ve defined as most important.
  • Be More Organized

    Tristan’s professionals will sort and qualify inbound emails in the ways that you want them to. We will book appointments with qualified prospects using your real time availability.
  • Save Money

    Tristan Assist handles one of the most cumbersome parts of being a real estate agent, all for a minute fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant.

Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.” – John Carmack

Many real estate agents receive a hundred emails per day or more, yet for many, at most only 3-5 need immediate attention by the real estate agent him or herself.

Sit staring at all those emails and procrastinate over how to respond? Get distracted by drifting over to social media? No! Get things done! We’ll make sure that every email gets handled how you want it to be.

Free Your Mental Bandwidth

You can achieve more by doing less. Allow yourself to get focused and stay focused. Create the results you want to see.

Enjoy Your Time Off

Stop picking up your phone during dinner time to find out that there will be an agent caravan next Thursday! Your family will thank you!

Capture More Leads

Can you really say that you’re responding to all emails in ten minutes or less? Real estate is competitive. You know that the quickest response always wins!

Be More Productive

Instead of sitting at your desk responding to emails, get the needle moving. Use your time to prospect, focus on self improvement or get out and meet people.

Get The Leading Edge

Automate and grow your business like a pro. As the real estate landscape constantly evolves, so should you! Let us lift the weight off your shoulders and provide you with the most streamlined system available for giving you more time, more money and more success.

Amazing Features

Tristan Assist will manage emails, nurture leads, increase customer satisfaction and generate referrals. Grow your real estate business with the help of Tristan Assist.

On when you need it, not when you don’t Tristan Assist can be manually toggled on and off from your smartphone, can be set to turn on at certain times during the day, or can be set to turn on when you leave the office. You have the control to have Tristan work for you when you want it.

On when you need it, not when you don’t

Works with your current email No need to change your email address. Tristan Assist is designed to work absolutely seamlessly with the tools and systems you have in place. We are real estate agents too. We know you don’t have the time or patience to change everything to suit our product.

Works with your current email

Real time updates to your calendar Our professionals use your calendar as it exists to book appointments with clients and prospects. Put the phone down for the night, come in to work the next morning and find out you’ve got a new listing appointment already qualified and booked in your calendar. How cool is that!

Real time updates to your calendar

Filter confidential emails and senders Tristan Assist gives its users the ability to designate certain keywords or senders that they don’t want our system to see or action.

Filter confidential emails and senders

Real person-to-person interaction No deal has ever gotten done computer-to-computer. Highly trained email management professionals use real human intuition and real human reactions to what your emailers send you. Think of us as an extension of your team, not just a software product.

Real person-to-person interaction

iOS and Android capable

Designed to work with the world’s two largest operating systems.

iOS and Android capable

About Us

We are a company created by real estate agents, for real estate agents. We know that computer automated responses don’t get business done and don’t satisfy our customers. Tristan Assist is operated by real people who receive your emails on your behalf, and treat them as if a member of your team. Our professionals’ performance is measured in part by how successful they are at helping you convert more leads and book more appointments. Our team members are located in North America and speak English as their first language.

We believe that we have an opportunity to not just streamline our clients’ businesses, but also to change the freedom level that our clients have in running their real estate business.

Imagine an Empty Inbox

Be on top of your business

In a high demand industry, inbound information is constant. You’re busy, you’re on the go. When emails get missed, clients get angry and you may lose a client or even a pay check. Deal with well qualified appointments and well organized task lists instead of an overflowing inbox.

Communicate with Clients

Follow up Constantly

We all know the number one complaint from clients is that their agent did not communicate enough. Eliminate client frustration by allowing them to always receive a response from your team even when you’re not available. Deal with needs and concerns by way of an organized task list at a time of your choosing. Your clients feel looked after and you remain in control of your business and your life.

Identify Key Relationships

Grow Business Results

Someone once said, “Email is essentially someone else imposing their timeline to communicate with you, on you.” We give you back control of your time, while making sure those that want to communicate with you don’t feel unimportant.

Our goal is to create a transparent, ongoing conversation so that everything you do is in direct communication with your clients – maximizing their satisfaction, reducing unnecessary conversations, and increasing your referrals.


$199 USD/mo.

Reclaim Your Time

Automate More, Do More.

Better connect with your high value contacts
and generate more opportunities.

Founder’s Special Pricing
Founder’s Special Pricing
Sign-Up Before Launch – Enjoy Special Lifetime Pricing
$149 USD/mo
* 1 Year Contract Mandatory – To be Paid in Advance.
Founder’s Special Pricing
Founder’s Special Pricing
Sign-Up Before Launch – Enjoy Special for Life Pricing. As a founding client, you will always keep this rate as long as you stay a client.
$149 USD/mo
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* 1 Year Contract Mandatory – To be Paid in Advance.